Referrals for Families

This page is for links for people I have found to be helpful in working with autistic children.  It's not for therapy sites but rather for those other services which ordinary families can take for granted, like restaurants, getting photos done, going to movies, etc.

It's rare to find professionals who are willing to adapt to you rather than making you adapt to them.

I'm happy to take recommendations for those who have found good service.

Family Photos:

This is the photographer we use for our annual family portrait and he does an amazing job.


If you're going to a restaurant as a family, the first step is to pick your time.  Mid afternoon, around 2 pm is great because the restaurant will be quieter and the staff will have more time and energy to be accomodating.  We've found that family style restaurants are usually very good about adapting.  Here are some of our favourites:

Kelsey's (our local branch has even offered to turn down the background music while we were there)


  1. Pub 101 downtown has always been accommodating for us. The waitresses usually have children so they're understanding. I had a waitresses bring over plastic cups for my 3 yr old daughter to play with and she turned the channel on one of the tvs to a child friendly show. My daughter was content for the duration of our meal which was just great :)

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Page Descriptions

Dealing with Diagnosis: Parents talks about the emotional impact of diagnosis. This is a major life-changing event which can leave people feeling isolated, angry and hopeless. You’re not alone in this.

Dealing with Diagnosis: Friends and Family offers suggestions to the extended family and friends of newly diagnosed families. We all want to help and make things better but sometimes the best-intentioned gestures can end up hurting.

Dealing with Other People's Reactions warns of some of the less than positive responses you can expect and talks about the stigma of accepting the "special needs" label.

The Autism World is an explanation of how people with autism experience the world around them. The ability to guess what your child is experiencing is one of the best tools you can have in helping and teaching them.

Tips and Tricks is a collection of suggestions and ideas contributed by parents. I’m always looking for more suggestions to share. Contact me with your ideas.

Choosing Therapies and Treatment isn’t about specific types of treatment. Instead it’s about what you should be looking for in a therapist or treatment expert. Every child with autism is unique and there’s no universal treatment.

Changing Challenging Behaviours is a basic overview of the Applied Behaviour Analysis system. While I recognize that not every child works best with the intense behaviour treatment based on ABA, the system of figuring out what is behind challenging behaviours is an effective way to understand what your child is trying to tell you. Understanding is the first step to trying to change the problem.

Communication offers ideas on how you can help your child with autism to communicate. Without an ability to tell you what he or she wants, frustration quickly leads to behaviour problems.

Referrals for Families are options for families with special needs to enjoy some of the ordinary experiences in life. It lists examples of non-therapy professionals and businesses who are willing and able to adapt to autistic children.

Finding Help: There are three sections, pre-diagnosis, getting a diagnosis and post-diagnosis. It's my attempt to give you a checklist of options.

Helpful Books: A list of books that I've found to be useful, in the order I discovered them.

My Blog is where I share new information, what's working (and not) for our family. Posted daily (mostly).